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For people who want to learn and dominate in the real world’s most exciting ecosphere.

With over 4,000 cryptocurrencies in play and the banking sector now jumping into the game, crypto trading is a tough realm to navigate.
Coin Prophet was created to be sure
you don’t have to go it alone.

Whatever your experience level, Eriden Trading’s new Coin Prophet state-of-the-art prediction engine gives you information that will give you an edge over other investors on your trading platform.



Great Trading Advisor

Tournament PLATFORM

We understand how intimidating cryptocurrency is for most people. With even a casual observer can watch experts and leagues of traders to gain skill in leveraging AI to master digital currency.   Learn in safe simulations and, for a limited time, get free access to an amazing prediction engine designed by an international team of AI specialists.

Analyze millions of data points instantly


$ 0
/ Yearly
  • Track Specific Assets
  • Know the Top Crypto Gainers
  • Get Advanced Research
  • Have Expert Insights in Real Time
  • Configure Thresholds for Notifications
  • See an AI Prediction of Future Trends


$ 15
/ Yearly
  • Experienced Digital Traders can:
  • Craft Your Own Prediction Engine
  • Use ML/AI Powered Market Analysis
  • Validate Trade Strategies and Ideas
  • Save Time on Research
  • Be More Efficient


$ 45
/ Yearly
  • Follow Current Prices and Momentum
  • See Today’s Top Gainers
  • Recognize What is Most Volatile
  • Check What You Read Against Real Data
  • Verify Strategies Before Investing
  • See Where Other People Have Lost Money

Becoming a profitable trader has never been so fun!

Learn about trading or demonstrate your expertise.

People who see the potential of cryptocurrency also know there is a need for more efficient and socially connected ways of working. Coin Prophet’s award-winning team of AI and financial experts have built this app to give you the information and support you need to get an edge over other traders.

Even a beginner can gain insight into trading digital currencies. Advanced traders can gain recognition their skill and capitalize on the platform’s high-tech prediction engine. Users at every level can form leagues to share strategy and compete for prizes by out-performing other traders.

Whether you choose to get recognition as a solo prophet or earn your way into our top leagues, Coin Prophet is a fun way to capitalize on state-of-the-art cryptocurrency predictions.

Take trading to a whole new level

Coin Prophet Prediction Engine & Social Colosseum

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Coin Prophet Prediction Engine & Social Colosseum

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